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Making a DIFFERENCE in the way we view our collections


Display-go is a product line of the FAMILY owned and operated business Valley Plastics located in Northern California. While the business is a precision machine/fabrication shop for the hi tech industry, we were able to utilize the resources in front of us to create something FUN and EXCITING for me as an adult collector and our engineering team as artists.


Display-go's unique design allows us to create displays using any shape while still providing a dust cover to keep your collection safe and clean. Our slip-fit cover is essential for easy front loading access and provides a clean and seamless look (no handles, no hinges, no tracks or swinging doors!). With dozens of designs in the works and an endless stream of creative ideas Display-go should soon become a staple name for collectible display cases. As a collector of multiple medias, the use of Display-go cases can finally bring your collection together in one solution!

Covers and wall mounts of like items are universal. This means that if you have more than one Display-go, you can easily change color schemes or re arrange the positioning of your overall cluster with ease. Some designs can rotate on their bracket giving more options as to what can be displayed inside.


What's in your Display-go?


Made from recyclable polystyrene, ABS frame and an Acrylic viewing window, our display's are available in any Black/White combination. Both the Styrene tray and ABS dust cover are paintable so you can add color to your Display-go if desired.Display-go is constantly creating new ways to show off your collection. Tell us what you collect and we will keep the size of your collectible in mind during our designing process!


Happy collecting!!

The Display-go Team

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